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What our Children

Respect - is to show honor or have consideration for something. Jiu-Jitsu will teach a student to have respect for themselves and others. It will teach self-defense regardless of size or stature in a nonaggressive manner. For example, a bully who is thrown to the ground or pinned. Without seeing, it coming will gain respect quickly when this happens.

Self Confidence - is believing in your abilities. Jiu-jitsu programs will teach defense techniques using real-life situations. This helps children become more confident that they can defend themselves, at the playground, in the schoolyard, or wherever they may be challenged by a difficult situation. Once children know what self-confidence feels like, it will just automatically blend into other aspects of their lives, not just self-defense. Pride is a powerful motivator. 

Physical Fitness - is the act of exercising to keep your body in a healthy condition. Jiu-jitsu programs use all manners of exercise. The student will perform calisthenics, jog, roll, crawl, etc., we can consider any movement exercise. All the drills and exercises used in Jiu-Jitsu are aimed at strengthening the entire body. Making it fun for people of all ages is the goal when it's fun, you don't even realize that you are exercising.  

​Self-Defense - is the ability to protect yourself against physical harm. Jiu-Jitsu programs concentrate on teaching self-defense without violence. Students are taught techniques that will help them protect themselves in real-life situations. Using repeated drills and physical activities, these skills develop into instincts, helping children react appropriatly when confronted with physically aggressive behavior.

Team Work -  Is defined as a joint action by a group of people. Working together as a team, sportsmanship, friendly competition, these are the principle values taught at Martinez Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Children are compelled to work harder, practice more, and behave better when it is done as a group effort, belonging to a team is a powerful tool for the social development of children. Martinez Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu itself on the family-like atmosphere it teaches at their school.

As a parent today, these are some things we hope our children have.  With all the newspaper headlines about bullies and other negative influences in the world that our children face alone every day, it has now become necessary, almost urgent, for us, as parents to make sure they learn all of them.  

These traits are the foundation of the Martinez Brazilian Youth Jiu-Jitsu Program.

Martinez BJJ Youth Jiu-Jitsu program teaches self-defense in a safe, non-aggressive environment.  Not using harsh discipline tactics, but a fun learning experience. While getting physically fit, we will teach children self-defense techniques that will help them in real-life situations, on the playground, in the schoolyard, or just outside your front door.  

Sensei Will Martinez and Sensei Jesus Martinez, love to teach the youth BJJ classes.  Being parents themselves, they realize how important it is for children to have these tools in today's world.  

Take some time to browse the photo galleries below, then stop in with your children and let them see a class in action.  

Martinez Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Little Champions would love to meet them!

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